everyone loves rings….

by on Sep.28, 2010, under designers, learning, people we like, products

I love rings a lot. I do my best to wear them on every finger if it’s possible and I don’t care if they’re old or new or silver or gold or if they’re too big because I’ll just wrap some string around the back until it fits. So here are a couple of new ones available at www.civilizedwildlife.com

here are the cactus core and silver punching ring- both available at www.civilizedwidlife.com

these are designs from gaia repossi, she's pretty awesome

and here are some really great people who love rings too-watch out beacuse it gets more and more ridiulous as you scroll down…..

a young and not so odd looking ringo star

my good friend, johnny depp. I think there will be more posts dedicated solely to him in the future....

can't leave captain jack sparrow out

mr. t of course

these guys really like rings

and in case you forgot about saturn...yes, the planet, here's a diagram of it's rings

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