bill murray, spencer tiscareno and mischa barton?

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ok- I know it sounds weird, but all of those people were associated with a pretty interesting art party we attended in l.a. recently.
It goes a little something like this (follow along, it’s a story…..with pictures).
{Please excuse the quality of these photos, I’m going to blame it on the camera but it’s probably my fault.}

Our good friend, Spencer Tiscareno was invited to participate in an art show entitled “Mr. Bill Murray.” There were about a million other artists involved and everything was bill murray-ish. There were also a million people in attendance and it was real hot inside, we were sweating and miki sweats a lot.

here are the million people

this girl was wearing a fur hat in the 100 degree art party

this was miki’s fave: “catch and release” by mariah montgomery

because there were so many people, we could only see this large painting from afar.

…..and this is what we found up close. I don’t think it’s representative of the real Mr. Murray though.

hands down, best in the show- this is Spencer’s Bill Murray.

Who knew there were a crew of people who dressed up as Ghostbusters (complete with the gun pack things) and drove in the ghostbusters car? There was even a girl ghostbuster in their group which we thought was lame b/c there weren’t any girls in dresses that we could recall doing any ghostbusting in the movies.

After the sweaty art party, we stood around in the street looking at the ghostbuster folks and trying to find a liquor store. To our surprise, Mischa Barton bumped into the back of miki…..she (miki), of course didn’t notice. But Erin and I knew it was her-she looked really good by the way-real cute and quite slim. So we had a little starstruck moment and forgot about it…..until about a half hour later when Mischa Barton started walking straight toward us with her crew of friends that all looked strangley like Gene Simmon’s son.

this my attempt at taking a photo of the back of mischa barton, i swear it’s her.

That’s when it all went to hell and Drunk Sarah started calling out her name, “mischa barton……….mischa barton……….i like your dress mischa barton.” Thankfully MB was cool, shook Drunk Sarah’s hand after DS stuck it out directly in front of her and she really had no choice. ¬†She was nice-could have talked to Sarah for a bit longer though; she’s funny when she’s drunk.

the best artist ever: spencer tiscareno and sarah. I don’t know why they look so serious and surprised.

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