Some Super Serious Originality Issues

by on Sep.30, 2010, under designers, learning, people we like, super serious time

Holy Super Serious Thursday Night!!!! Well, where do I start…who watched Project Runway? Well, I did and I LOVE Mondo and his designs.

Senior Mondo...the picture of originality, no?

I have to admit that I MAY have ALMOST gotten a tad verklempt when he was explaining his print, but then I imagined someone drop kicking a cat and I was back to my normal, heartless self.

SO, on with it. I then received this little article about the Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act (Senate Bill 3728). If passed, the IDPPPA will extend copyright protection to fashion designs. (Currently, textile patterns and surface designs are covered under existing copyright law, but not fashion designs). More info here

Which led me to read this (written by Andrea, also of the Project Runway, go fig)…

And then think this…

"Andrae, I couldn't agree more" (sounds like Santino's Tim Gun impersonation, of course)

So, in conclusion, although I do enjoy purchasing Forever 21′s version of Jeffrey Campbell’s version of Ann Demeulemeester’s lace up booties for a margin of the price, I am excited about the injection of originality that is SERIOUSLY lacking in the fashion industry. Aren’t you?

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