Happy Monday!!

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So…Back to life, back to reality.
This holiday was quite nice. Although I did miss a certain couple of cousins, it was good to see family and friends and eat lots of really great food. It also happened to be my 30th birthday which was exactly perfect. My sneaky little mom and sister threw me a surprise party. Not the loud obnoxious kind where you get horribly over dresses (in fact, I wasn’t even wearing proper pants, but instead decided to wear my new thick cable knit leggings that my monster had bought me earlier in the day), but the really good dinner, champagne, and cheese cake kind. All of my very favorite people were there (with the exception of the few that live far away) and we ate, drank, sat by the fire and talked story. As is the running theme in my life, it couldn’t have turned out better even if I had planned it.

So, now to share the very best part. When you have a birthday party where only your favorite people are in attendance, you are almost guaranteed to receive the best gifts ever…wine, cash money, a facial/massage combo, and, drum roll please……..a trip to the Rose Bowl to shop for vintage clothes!!! Oh, did I mention that three of my best buddies and a short stay at my favorite Hollywood hotel, Le Montrose, are included?? Like I said, couldn’t be any better if I had planned it myself!

first, we're going to party like Egyptians

then we will go here, where there will be no football events happening, thank baby Jesus. I mean really, after this weekend I don't care how cute Mark Sanchez is, I'm sick of football.

and we will hopefully find things like this. I really just want the chonies, but I will take the dress too if it's a package deal.

I’m also hoping to find some kind of white lace number, some lace up black combat boots, and something bright and sequins-y. And then, of course, all of that in miniature for my little turkey. So…See you there!!! And have a great and wonderful Monday, because even if it’s Monday, life is still pretty radical.

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