Portal Into Creature Land a.k.a. Funniest Night Ever

by on Dec.14, 2010, under people we like, stuff we do, stuff we like

So…this night is one I will remember for my entire life. It was that unbelievably amazing. I guess I’ll start from the beginning (a very good place to start according to Fraulein Maria). As I told you, Krysta planned an amazing LA getaway and shopping adventure for my 30th birthday. She’s radical, I know. You should be jealous. Anyhow, the night before we wanted to go out for some dinner. We were planning to keep it mellow since we had to be up early, but decided we needed to be danced to sleep. Kinda like a lullaby. So we headed to the Rainbow Room.  And thank little baby Jesus, Mary, Joeseph, all the wise men and animals in the barn we did! What started off as an encounter with a rude ginger door man and a mediocre glass of house red quickly turned into the most magical, mystical night of death metal dancing debauchery ever. So now I’m gonna shut-up because the imagery from this night is way better than anything I could ever say. Here goes it…

oh, aren't we cute...we have no idea what's about to happen.

first came this guy. he kept trying to give Sarah drugs. he dropped some weed in her lap. is it possible to lace weed with roofies? because if it is...

then came this guy. we called him beetle juice. right? if beetle juice joined the village people? all his gear is custom made. i need one of those bracelets asap.

this, ladies and gents, is the creature that started it all. he is so magical and mystical that we couldn't even capture his true image. he was also exactly my size. which made me want to best friend him so that we could share clothes. i bet he has some awesome tees and really great levis. and maybe some elf shoes.

krysta almost had him. he is a very timid creature.

but then i had to ruin it with all my excitement and vampire skin. we didn't see him leave, but i suspect he turned to smoke and exited through the cracks in the floor boards. that's what i would do. wouldn't you?

and then we met john and he and i fell head over heels in metal rocking air guitar love at first sight. he also had the most amazing hair. sort of like a 5 year old girl bob with the ends curled under. i loved him regardless.

fist pumping. not the over the head techno beats jersey shore kind, but the underhand pretend your pulling a truck horn rock n roll kind.

supuer sicky air guitaring

more air guitaring. i busted out a squidward tribute air clairinet for a second, but it didn't really catch on.

it really was that funny

see. told you. hilarious.

if you happen to be dancing in a room with bars of any kind in them....

...horizontal or vertical ones...

...you are obligated to do at least 10 minutes of your best 'if i were a stripper' moves. it's the law of dancing.

bustin' moves. she has no idea that in 2 seconds she is going to get motor boated by a very brazen leather jacket wearing euro-man.

there he is. the euro motor boater. in his defense sarah's boobies were looking pretty good that night. can't say i wouldn't have given her one had he not beaten me to the punch.

john and i (seriously looking like a vampire after a fresh kill) took this little nugget and then we had to go before the night lost it's magic and everyone turned into mice or pumpkins or something.

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  • Sharky

    I need the exact location of this time cave. I think I know what I want to be when I grow up… and I want to be on that dance floor every damn second of it.

  • Mom

    Reallyyyy Ithink I still have some 80′s stuff you can borrower next time – Be safe Love You

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