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I was perusing Rolling Stone’s website the other day when I came across ‘The Playlist Special’ where 50 artists pick their top 10 from another artist/group. Among this list of diverse artists was Patti Smith who chose her top ten Bob Dylan love songs. Here’s what she had to say about Mr. Dylan;

“There are many roads to travel in approaching the songs of Bob Dylan — stirring songs of social injustice, of bittersweet transition, veiled remorse and mystical celebration. But sifting through his body of work to compose this playlist, I couldn’t help but gravitate toward his love songs. There is hardly anyone who can rival him in the depth and breadth of his investigation and expression of love.

No words can express how it felt to bring home Blonde on Blonde in the summer of 1966, set the needle down on Side Four and hear the opening lines of “Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands.” Solomon had his song, but none other has matched this exquisite and lengthy aria for the emotions he conveyed and the beauty of his language. What is sadder than “One Too Many Mornings,” more troubling than “Ballad in Plain D” or more poignant than “Love Minus Zero”? And from a female point of view, what testament is more breathtaking than the words, “Love you more than madness” in “Wedding Song”?

In 1995, my band toured with Bob Dylan along the East Coast. He relayed, through his people, that if I chose one of his songs, we could sing it together. All night long I contemplated what I should choose, and how I might sing it. I chose “Dark Eyes,” a relatively obscure song with a lyric worthy of William Blake. Each night he would call me to the stage, and we sang it side by side, so close that at times beads of sweat dripped from his lashes to my cheek.

I have tried many times, without success, to write a song to Bob Dylan, to express my gratitude for all he has given us through his work. But perhaps, having been faithful in my own way, from afar since I was 16 years old, is song enough.”

It’s quite clear that Patti is very fond of Mr. Dylan and his work, but what girl isn’t, right? So, then I searched for a video of them performing ‘Dark Eyes’ together and that’s when I knew for sure that Patti is in musical love. The way they sing together is really sweet, you can see the adoration all over her face. Here, see for yourself…

Bob Dylan + Patti Smith – Dark Eyes

Fun Fact: the person that I shared this from called himself ‘Popefucker’

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