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I don’t really know too much about Elizabeth Taylor besides the fact that she played Cleopatra and was good friends with Michael Jackson. She was one of those celebrities I never gave much thought to, but took for granted, so the news of her passing caught me slightly off guard. It also got me to thinking about women like Elizabeth Taylor because they are, quite literally, a dying breed. But before they are gone all together, I think that there are many things we can learn from them. There is something to be said about women who take so much pride in being just that, women. They always look perfect, know how to cook, bake, raise children, keep their men happy, and always conduct themselves as ladies (no matter how many men they may be keeping happy). And they make it all seem so easy. ┬áMy Grandmother, Barbara (she has at least 5 friends also named Barbara) is really the only woman of this caliber that I have ever known. She is smart, witty, impeccably dressed, can keep up with the boys, and cook a mean leg of lamb. So, I think in her honor, and in remembrance of the late Elizabeth Taylor, I am going to make myself a short list of womanly things to improve upon this year.

Here’s a start:

1. Learn a couple of really good dirty jokes

2. Wear more lipstick…or try wearing lipstick at all. Maybe finding a lipstick that doesn’t make me feel like a drag queen would be a better start.

3. Work on this list

Now here is one very short and funny story that describes my grandmother perfectly…

At my cousin’s wedding, dressed to the nines in one of her Jackie-o-esque suits, Barbs was gettin’ funky on the dance floor. A couple gin and tonics over the limit and one twist of the twist and shout too low, she took a spill. What’s the first thing that happens? Her knees immediately zoom together like they’re connected by some insane magnetic forcefield. Before anyone had even noticed that she had fallen she was back on her feet twist and shouting the night away. My mom and I were the only ones lucky enough to witness the little slip-up and the magic forcefield that lives in Barb’s knees.

And since I never knew Elizabeth Taylor and have no short or funny stories about her life, here are some great pics courtesy of the interweb…


these are my favorite kind of photos. so beautiful.

4. learn how to work a lasso

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