Stop Being Such a Merkin!

by on Mar.25, 2011, under learning, Uncategorized

So…I just recently learned what a merkin was. That was fun. And now I’m going to share, which will be even more fun! I’m a very visual person, so, you’re welcome.

that's one mean merkin

merkins are for lovers

black tie merkin. I wonder if it's going to a charity event?

This pretty girl's last name is Merkin. Poor Merkin.

old-fashion merkin

high-fashion merkins

what my mom is getting for her birthday. and i'm not going to tell her what a merkin is. worst daughter ever?? BEST daughter ever.

so, yeah, like I said. You are welcome.

I’m off to start crankin’ out some merkin-dise. baaaaahgagagagaga.

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