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let them eat cake

by on Jan.31, 2012, under Uncategorized

I traveled to Washington DC a while back for some super serious business. I’ve been before and while there I felt the need to take in some sights and put some knowledge into by brain, if for nothing else than to pull out some interesting factoid if I’m ever in a desperately boring conversation at a cocktail party.
Anywhoo, one place I visited was THE National Natural History Museum. It’s the museum that has really neat stuff like a giant squid, a couple of real mummies, and an extensive taxidermy collection, just to name a few things.
It also has these suckers…diamond earrings once owned my the former French Queen Marie Antoinette, who was famously guillotined.

Pretty amazing right?!

Let them eat cake, 20.34 carats of cake.

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shark attack

by on Jan.30, 2012, under stuff we like

i’ve been hanging out with a shark lover. he loves sharks so much that he keeps up with a shark tracking website, can’t wait for 2012 shark week on discovery channel, collects real shark teeth, has shark books etc…naturally as a result sharks have been on my own radar quite a bit more lately and i really like them.

i like them more than just the way i like any and all ecological players in the big picture sense, i mean that i really like them. and, as it seems sharks are everywhere, even rob dyrdek does a shark dive on fantasy factory (which is hilarious btw). it’s like i have a shark’s electromagnetic sensitivity to shark shit!

because of my sharky interests, i’ve noticed that sharks aren’t just on the periphery of popular culture. they’re now en vogue. yep, i saw shark teeth jewelry while at a gem show, more at market week in LA, on a high fashion blog post. i’m happy to say that sharks are chic. they are apex predators, meaning they have no predators of their own…they lie at the top of their food chain.

so live it up sharks and shark lovers, because it seems that they’re a muse to those of us with good taste.

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Important Week

by on Jan.27, 2012, under New Things

well, well, well…this sure has been an important week!

typically days roll into the next without real notice and then all of a sudden it’s the beloved weekend again. and then there are weeks where things actually happen and this has been one of THOSE weeks. we like these weeks because they’re full of interest and are energizing (not unlike a good cup of coffee).

let’s re-cap, shall we:
~demi was hospitalized for “exhaustion”- poor her, cope demi, cope.

~heidi & seal are split up due to HIS anger- poor him cause his anger is fucking things up including his awesomely beautiful wifey and super cute kiddos.

~victoria beckham debuts photo shoot and looks fab 6 mos after baby harper was born- ugh.

~ new band “alabama shakes” shook san diego- we’re lucky they didn’t trigger an earthquake.

and finally…

~we have made the first of more changes to the site-yay for us, our creative juices are flowing and soon your closet will be half-full.

bravo bravo to an important week & cheers to your weekend

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Here comes “the shakes”

by on Jan.26, 2012, under Dr. Jimbo's Music Rx, New Things, stuff we like

You might call me a “buzz band” slut. You know the “you HAVE to hear these guys” and the “they’re gunna be huge” bands that you’ve probably never even heard of (or don’t even have an album out yet). Yup, guilty as charged and most often, disapointement. Let down city, population: me. occasionally however, the padres win games and “buzz bands” pan out.

Introducing Alabama Shakes. I decided to check them out last night and sniff out the “buzzzzzz” (and let me tell you its a big one). ROCK SOLID! Led by an absolute powerhouse of a lead singer/guitar pounder, they are a fresh and modern take on a classic sound. Old school soul mixed with pumped up driving grooves and you got it. Not afraid to slow it down either, the shakes keep drive’n while Mrs. Howards voice goes from Janice Joplin to Sharon Jones and back. Of course they still have to release an album (due out in April), but for now the Alabama Shakes rocket rise to fame seems to have some real fuel

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reggae in the a.m.

by on Jan.25, 2012, under Dance Party Wednesday!

Eek-a-mouse is a favorite
there’s nothing like a little reggae to start a wednesday…

today is gonna be a good one.

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Etta James

by on Jan.24, 2012, under Change, people we like

Sadly Ms. Etta James died last Friday. She had such a dynamic voice and style that she couldn’t be boxed in by any specific genre, but suffice to say we love her rough n tumble bluesy voice and elegance!
Her smooth voice only gave hints of her colorful life. Her story will continue to translate thru her music….we also love that she was a Los Angeles native (woo woo).
Check her out…

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tired feet

by on Jan.19, 2012, under new gear

Hello fans of Civilized Wildlife!

I am happy to say that we put our buying hats on, even brought a savvy “guest buyer” with us and spent 2.5 days scouring showrooms looking for what we think you’ll want in your closets this spring, summer and even into fall!

Our feet are tired BUT the important thing is that we came across some super duper new clothes and jewelry lines that are youthful and relevant.

Even though these special finds won’t arrive to our door for a little while (boo-we want instant gratification)…we are sure that when we get them you’ll want them asap.

We also gotta give a shout out to our guest buyer-thank you T!

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The future looks good

by on Jan.17, 2012, under new gear


We’re lookin high and low and near and far for gear. We’re scrutinizing, thinking and guessing. We’re looking to bring you rad gear to wear in your rad life
And…we’re on to some stuff.
Change is coming to Civilized Wildlife and it’s gonna be awesome

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Train stations are for crazy people

by on Jan.16, 2012, under Uncategorized

While recently waiting at LA’s Union Station for my southbound Surfliner train, I witnessed quite a few mentally ill people.
I was sitting across from a woman yelling stuff about being a cat with long red sharp nails, a man (again yelling) about godly type things and another man mumbling about who knows what to himself.
It saddened me to see these folks displaced by our country’s lack of placement for them, I’m pretty sure they don’t belong in train stations unless they’re really traveling.
And I also wonder why yelling is the default volume for them…


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by on Jan.15, 2012, under learning


Some people do some REAL important stuff, are REAL humanitarians and leave REAL lasting impressions…like this guy MLK. If you ever make it to Wash DC, go check him out and take it in.

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