DMV Monday

by on Jan.09, 2012, under super serious time

For those of you who may live in other countries DMV is the Department of Motor Vehicles. Any person living in the USofA who wants to drive HAS TO deal with the DMV. They’re unfortunately known for being crowded with long waits, kinda dirty and staff is typically not too happy to be working there.

Let’s launch into it…

Monday mornings are inherently brutal as they mark the beginning of the work/school week and the fun days are a whooping 5 days away-again.
So, I began my Monday with a trip to the DMV, got lost cause I’d never been to that one, missed my appointment time, got a new one (things looking up), go pee real quickly during which time they call my number and I miss my 2nd appointment!, get another new appt time and wait 15 minutes, get called up to window, complete forms and pay with not too happy clerk and FINALLY get to replace my lost driver’s license which I’ll get in 2 weeks…
only 4.5 more days to the weekend!

Hope your Monday morning didn’t suck

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