Here comes “the shakes”

by on Jan.26, 2012, under Dr. Jimbo's Music Rx, New Things, stuff we like

You might call me a “buzz band” slut. You know the “you HAVE to hear these guys” and the “they’re gunna be huge” bands that you’ve probably never even heard of (or don’t even have an album out yet). Yup, guilty as charged and most often, disapointement. Let down city, population: me. occasionally however, the padres win games and “buzz bands” pan out.

Introducing Alabama Shakes. I decided to check them out last night and sniff out the “buzzzzzz” (and let me tell you its a big one). ROCK SOLID! Led by an absolute powerhouse of a lead singer/guitar pounder, they are a fresh and modern take on a classic sound. Old school soul mixed with pumped up driving grooves and you got it. Not afraid to slow it down either, the shakes keep drive’n while Mrs. Howards voice goes from Janice Joplin to Sharon Jones and back. Of course they still have to release an album (due out in April), but for now the Alabama Shakes rocket rise to fame seems to have some real fuel

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