shark attack

by on Jan.30, 2012, under stuff we like

i’ve been hanging out with a shark lover. he loves sharks so much that he keeps up with a shark tracking website, can’t wait for 2012 shark week on discovery channel, collects real shark teeth, has shark books etc…naturally as a result sharks have been on my own radar quite a bit more lately and i really like them.

i like them more than just the way i like any and all ecological players in the big picture sense, i mean that i really like them. and, as it seems sharks are everywhere, even rob dyrdek does a shark dive on fantasy factory (which is hilarious btw). it’s like i have a shark’s electromagnetic sensitivity to shark shit!

because of my sharky interests, i’ve noticed that sharks aren’t just on the periphery of popular culture. they’re now en vogue. yep, i saw shark teeth jewelry while at a gem show, more at market week in LA, on a high fashion blog post. i’m happy to say that sharks are chic. they are apex predators, meaning they have no predators of their own…they lie at the top of their food chain.

so live it up sharks and shark lovers, because it seems that they’re a muse to those of us with good taste.

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