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Happy Friday!

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Coachella Anyone?

by on Jan.11, 2012, under Dance Party Wednesday!


Here’s this years line up….. whatchu gonna do?!

Will you be joining the masses in the hot ass desert for musica extraveganza?

Civilized Wildlife will be there & we’re already looking forward to figuring out what to wear.

and because it’s about the music…bring on

Neon Indian.
The Return of Justice.

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Cool-Cat Style

by on Jan.10, 2012, under New Things


Meet Hollywood. She’s a real “rags to riches” story. She was literally found at 2am by a friend and his 120lb dog in a gutter in, you guessed it…Hollywood.
She was WAY too young to be without her cat mom but none the less survived a couple of human moms (who meant well) for a few weeks before landing with us. So Hollywood now lives a comfortable cat life with all her needs met.
While sorting thru some new jewelry that will be coming to the site in February (yay), Hollywood sauntered in and gave her 2 cents on what she thinks is cool-cat style.
Check out her radical Uvarovite necklace. Like we said: Rags to Riches

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DMV Monday

by on Jan.09, 2012, under super serious time

For those of you who may live in other countries DMV is the Department of Motor Vehicles. Any person living in the USofA who wants to drive HAS TO deal with the DMV. They’re unfortunately known for being crowded with long waits, kinda dirty and staff is typically not too happy to be working there.

Let’s launch into it…

Monday mornings are inherently brutal as they mark the beginning of the work/school week and the fun days are a whooping 5 days away-again.
So, I began my Monday with a trip to the DMV, got lost cause I’d never been to that one, missed my appointment time, got a new one (things looking up), go pee real quickly during which time they call my number and I miss my 2nd appointment!, get another new appt time and wait 15 minutes, get called up to window, complete forms and pay with not too happy clerk and FINALLY get to replace my lost driver’s license which I’ll get in 2 weeks…
only 4.5 more days to the weekend!

Hope your Monday morning didn’t suck

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Salty, briney air only means one thing in southern cal…waves. Water temp is cold and skies are a little hazy but everyone is beach bound. All the buzz has us SUPER excited about previewing summer collections-let’s face it-summer rules!!


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For Real?!

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Why the Beibs has a scent is really beyond me and so is the fact that girls 5yo to 17yo are the ones buying it. Also strange is that it’s called “someday”- yah right, “someday” you’ll have him-keep dreaming…
Really what it comes down to is that, this so called scent really smells like cotton candy mixed with marshmallows. Read: SUGAR
So it tricks the brain into maintaining those so sweet thoughts of the Beibs. Just what the girls want.
Isn’t being from Canada enough?

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by on Jan.04, 2012, under real neat lookin


I wonder what’s behind the double doors…I’m pretty sure the owl up top knows. There’s a reason she got that job up there at the top. Wise owl.

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Time to get serious

by on Jan.03, 2012, under Uncategorized

So it’s a “new year” and time to implement all our resolutions…or as i like to say it’s “time to get serious”. Getting serious can be done anytime of the year, it’s not just for a new year. I get serious every Sunday evening as I switch gears for Monday. But alas it is 2012…So goodby cheek biting, fried food, cigs, more than 2 martinis, ill fiting lounge wear, Lifetime movies, jerk boyfriend…and helloo elliptical machine, lipstick, more voluminous hair, nightly reading, saying No, being grateful and daily flossing.
Like I said people, it’s time to get serious damn it!

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Happy 2012

by on Jan.02, 2012, under Uncategorized

Civilized Wildlife wishes you a HAPPY 2012 from high atop Mammoth Mtn California. Stay with us cause we’ve got some awesome stuff ordered. If you like Show me your Mumu, Gentle Fawn, Secession and Sundry then you’ll be psyched. And, if you don’t know them…well then, you soon will my friends!
Happy & healthy 2012 to y’all


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