Risky Business

by on Feb.07, 2012, under learning, stuff we like, super serious time

It seems like risk is well, risky. It brings change, doubt, the unknown, discomfort and many other elements. And often times it seeks us out rather than it being sought out by us.
So when it comes knocking on your door…what to you do? Do you answer the door, warmly invite it in, give it a cup of tea and hear what it’s got to say? Or do you peek at it from behind a curtain and point at your “no solicitors” sign praying it leaves quickly and without incident?
Whatever your stance is on taking risk, we all have to do it sometimes. It’s not always “successful” and it’s usually not on our schedule.
Take the leap and trust that there is something to gain on the other side. And of course do it with style and grace! Make Civilized Wildlife proud.


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