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by on May.30, 2012, under uncool

If you haven’t noticed our beloved website is MIA! As you can see Hollywood is terribly upset over this. Apparently during spring cleaning it was wiped out…we’re working hard to sort this out.
Your patience please


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White Out

by on May.29, 2012, under stuff we like

Supposedly we now have clearance to wear white. Baghh, white is always wearable at any time of year. But for those who abide and for those who do not…

Let us wear white!


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by on May.27, 2012, under new gear, stuff we do

I’ve been spotting a new trend: The bleached out denim look. I believe it found its foothold in the mid to late 80s (yes I am old enough to clearly remember it) and it’s back again…

Now, we could offer them to you on our site for a pretty penny OR I can share my lil’ DIY project that I’m in the midst of myself!

You will need some “Jorts” (jean shorts) or a pair of jeans that your over and think you can breathe some new life into by cutting the legs off. Your choice.
Rubber gloves (unless you like chemical burns-again your choice)
A rag or spray bottle
Sink or tub to do project in

Now put on the gloves, soak the rag with bleach and wring the rag out over the said “Jorts”. Or use spray bottle and spray Jorts.
Do as much or as little of this as you like.
Lay out to dry
Wash (with white stuff! Duh it’s bleach)
Wear your new radical 80s Jorts to a Memorial Day BBQ

Don’t say I never taught you anything


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by on May.24, 2012, under adventure time

I went to this new coffee shop and get this…they close in the middle of the fuck’n day for a siesta! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m down with the concept of siesta. I think it’s actually a sustainable idea. What I’m not okay with is that at 2:00pm when I start to crash and need a coffee “pick me up” I need the local coffee shop to be open!! I guess they’re forcing me to go to Starbucks…I’d like to try and support a new local shop but they’re makin’ hard for me to.
And!! They’re not even Italian!

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by on May.23, 2012, under Dance Party Wednesday!

I’m chillin. Taking care of some stuff and listening to a playlist when one of our fave bands comes thru the speakers. My Moring Jacket rocks…like I said, I’m chillin.


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by on May.21, 2012, under Art

Lovin’ every minute of it

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Says Coco

by on May.18, 2012, under people we like

Said by Miss Coco Chanel, and I quote…

“A girl should be two things…classy and fabulous”.

A word on “classy”. It is not always an outward thing that is classy but a way of being and handling oneself that is classy. A then classy item takes that person to new heights.

Work on it, keep it up, refine it, don’t you forget it!


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Buffalo Soldier

by on May.16, 2012, under Dance Party Wednesday!

It’s a fabulous sign when a child likes some Bob Marley. This little dude I know heard Bob’s Buffalo Soldier and because it had the word soldier in it his interest was piqued. I turned it up, we listened to it, sand along and then got on the interweb to discover more about who the Buffalo Soldiers were…many praise to dem and to da children who discover reggae through Bob Marley. Check this Buffalo Soldier out…


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Bangles (not the band)

by on May.14, 2012, under real neat lookin

I absolutely LOVE this Ippolita ad!


It gets me all excited about summer and about wearing my favorite gold bangles in summer. I completely see how someone would say “it’s an unrealistic portrayal of what a woman’s bum should look like or that she’s obviously tanned and it’s bad for her skin, etc etc…) but that’s not what I’m here to discuss cause that’s boring.

I see the the awesomeness of a bright coral bikini combined with the beauty of a stack of shiny gold bangles on some summery tawny skin and imagine the salty air with a hint of a breeze.

The genius of bangles (and Ippolita bangles at that) is that they are a classic accessory, they’re ageless, they’re seasonless, they’re sophisticated, they’re global and they give off a little jingle. I say flaunt em if you’ve got em…

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by on May.07, 2012, under just awesome



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