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Color Run

by on Nov.03, 2012, under adventure time, just awesome, New Things, real neat lookin, stuff we do

Civ Wild did a Color Run. 5k, 20 thousand people in white looking for fun and color. Cornstarch powder in multiple colors being tossed around is quite entertaining.



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by on Oct.25, 2012, under just awesome


When I saw this, I said with my out loud voice “what the fuck”. My favorite part is that this ad asks the very poignant question: why have a cat when you can have a unicat?! That is a great question. Perhaps a question of philosophical importance.
Where’s CW’s cat extraordinaire Hollywood? Perhaps she knows a unicat…

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by on Oct.19, 2012, under just awesome, stuff we like

We’re over this week…TGIF


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Fight or Flight

by on Oct.09, 2012, under Art, just awesome, real neat lookin


Alexander McQueen’s clutch is

but…If you stare too long, I’ll probably punch you in the eye!

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by on Sep.19, 2012, under adventure time, just awesome, uncool


I pull into the parking lot at my dentist’s office, get out of my car, lock it, take 4 steps and look down at a piece of paper on the ground. I laugh because someone left this on another person’s car…hee hee.
No cavities-yay!

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Night Swimming

by on Sep.16, 2012, under just awesome

Just did a night swim in our fantastic Miss Pacific Ocean! Spontaneity + agua = radical
Get some…


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Happy Monday

by on Sep.10, 2012, under Change, just awesome

Happy Monday!

Civilized Wildlife is back online & we’ve got more great pieces to get on the site…lookout for pieces that will ease you & your wardrobe from summer into fall.
OR if you happen to be in the southern hemi, we’ve got you covered too so you can shed winter pieces and slide on into spring.
Stay tuned…

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New for Fall !!

by on Sep.10, 2012, under adventure time, designers, just awesome, new gear, New Things, stuff we like


Even though the heat of summer is still here, we are beginning to receive our new super special clothing picks for fall and can’t wait to share a sneak peak at what is to come! We will be posting pix shortly, stay tuned!!!


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