A clutter

by on Sep.24, 2012, under learning

Did you know this fun fact?!
A group of cats is called a clutter or a chowder…
So cat ladies do live with clutter


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by on May.02, 2012, under learning, uncool

So you know Freud right? Sigmund Freud THE father of psychoanalytic therapy, an Austrian, identifier of electra and edipus complexes, cocaine addict. Well, he was and still is a very important figure in psychology. And yes, he had some good ideas-at the time. Not so good now though…like how he identified women as suffering from “hysteria” and what caused hysteria is hysterical! He suggested that hysteria was due to a woman’s uterus roaming around her body causing problems.
Hahaha. I wonder if he was high when he came up with that one?!


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T-Rex Eh?

by on Apr.10, 2012, under learning


I was at a Natural History museum recently and we were checking out all the dinosaur facts when I learn that the infamous Tyranasourus Rex of the Cretaceous Period would have been Canadian!
Hear me out…when the area that this terrible lizard roamed is merged with a map of today’s countries, it shows a T-rex symbol in northern canada.
We think that’s cool eh?!

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Smart Car Dumb Driver

by on Mar.08, 2012, under learning


Do you see what’s wrong with this picture??

I was desperately looking for a parking space in a busy part of town when I saw this smart car parked in the middle of a section of the street.

Here’s my issue, parking is an exercise in social thinking and efficiency. Right?!

When I park I try to make an effort to place my car in a spot that leaves room for another car to get in/out. Not this guy or girl, nah…they chose the freakin middle and even though it’s a Smart car the driver was dumb and didn’t think of anyone else who may need some precious curb space.

My conclusion is that Smart cars don’t make smart humans!

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Risky Business

by on Feb.07, 2012, under learning, stuff we like, super serious time

It seems like risk is well, risky. It brings change, doubt, the unknown, discomfort and many other elements. And often times it seeks us out rather than it being sought out by us.
So when it comes knocking on your door…what to you do? Do you answer the door, warmly invite it in, give it a cup of tea and hear what it’s got to say? Or do you peek at it from behind a curtain and point at your “no solicitors” sign praying it leaves quickly and without incident?
Whatever your stance is on taking risk, we all have to do it sometimes. It’s not always “successful” and it’s usually not on our schedule.
Take the leap and trust that there is something to gain on the other side. And of course do it with style and grace! Make Civilized Wildlife proud.


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by on Jan.15, 2012, under learning


Some people do some REAL important stuff, are REAL humanitarians and leave REAL lasting impressions…like this guy MLK. If you ever make it to Wash DC, go check him out and take it in.

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funniest book

by on Nov.07, 2011, under Art, learning, stuff we like

If anyone asks “What does civilized wildlife mean anyway?” There are several answers you can reply with. Perhaps you’d choose the literal, the abstract, plead the 5th…and if by chance you draw a blank and don’t have an answer may I direct you to one of the funniest books ever. Well, we think it’s one of the funniest ever but that’s because we think anthropomorphized animals are hysterical. Think a journalist parrot, a duck with a foul mouth and a motherless bear just to name a few and all with some crystal clear social commentary. It’s some off the wall shit and it’s GREAT. You should read it. Everyone should read. Reading makes us smarter and just think of how much better your clothes will look on your smarter self.

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Stop Being Such a Merkin!

by on Mar.25, 2011, under learning, Uncategorized

So…I just recently learned what a merkin was. That was fun. And now I’m going to share, which will be even more fun! I’m a very visual person, so, you’re welcome.

that's one mean merkin

merkins are for lovers

black tie merkin. I wonder if it's going to a charity event?

This pretty girl's last name is Merkin. Poor Merkin.

old-fashion merkin

high-fashion merkins

what my mom is getting for her birthday. and i'm not going to tell her what a merkin is. worst daughter ever?? BEST daughter ever.

so, yeah, like I said. You are welcome.

I’m off to start crankin’ out some merkin-dise. baaaaahgagagagaga.

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Dia De Los Muertos

by on Nov.01, 2010, under Art, learning, stuff we like

Today is All Saints Day, which is a Catholic holiday where you are supposed to commemorate all of the saints in heaven. Even better than that, tomorrow is All Hallows, or as most of us know it, Dia De Los Muertos, which is a Catholic holiday (as practiced in the Mexican culture) where you celebrate the lives of the loved ones you have lost. These celebrations are typically marked by the use of the colorful candy skulls and the super awesome artwork that has become extremely popular in tattoos. They also celebrate by eating and drinking the favorite things of the deceased. Krysta once threw me the best birthday party with all of my favorite things. Kinda the same, only I was still alive.

this is a photograph from that bday party I was telling you about

a pretty flyer

I hope I look that good when I'm their age

wouldn't that make for a pretty textile design?

Today was also my Meme’re’s birthday. Well, we thought it was until she went to get a passport and realized that she was actually born on Halloween. Anyhow, my Meme’re was a dressmaker back in Quebec. She taught me how to sew and make clothes when I was little. If not for her who knows if Civilized Wildlife would ever have been. Tomorrow when you celebrate the lives of the ones you love who are no longer with us, think about all the gifts their lives continue to give. And don’t forget to eat, drink, and be merry!

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we can learn a lot from squirrels

by on Oct.26, 2010, under learning, super serious time

So Miki had this really great idea the other day about blogging about interesting animal facts.  She wanted to write about the cockroach who can survive 10 days with his head cut off and only dies of starvation after that.  Gross, but true.  I, on the other hand, am going with the altruistic ground squirrel - the idea of altruism among animals doesn’t lend itself to that animal actually surviving and thus reproducing, so it’s pretty darn interesting if you ask me. Not a cockroach, i know. 

Biologists recognize altrusim when an animal, like an alarm calling ground squirrel, sustains some cost to its present or future reproduction by aiding another animal.  The alarm calling squirrel risks attack by calling atention to itself while trying to warn his friends and family about an approaching predator.  Biologists are confused because the non-alarm-calling squirrels that benefit are the ones that reproduce more often but this altruistic technique never seems to fade among these lovely little creatures. 

watch out dummies!

I like squirrels because they’re cute AND because they sacrifice themselves to save their friends and families; something humans should probably do more often and don’t and we have hospitals and therapists.  Squirrels can’t go to the emergency room after being attaked by a hawk but still seem to try to save their homies nonetheless.

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