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Bright like a diamond

by on Jan.20, 2013, under Art, real neat lookin, stuff we like


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by on Jan.16, 2013, under Dance Party Wednesday!, designers, real neat lookin

Winter shminter…says L. Vuitton


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Revenge well

by on Jan.07, 2013, under real neat lookin, stuff we do, stuff we like

The best revenge is living well…live well then I say.


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I and I

by on Nov.27, 2012, under just awesome, real neat lookin

Check out these Rasta birdies! They are the coolest pair I’ve laid my eyes on. You think they skank too?? Cause that would be bad ass.


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by on Nov.20, 2012, under Art, people we like, real neat lookin


We believe she’s even MORE beautiful (if that’s even possible) than 25 years ago when she began modeling for the world. Kate still wows and remains enigmatic…reading her Vanity Fair interview now. Yay!

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Color Run

by on Nov.03, 2012, under adventure time, just awesome, New Things, real neat lookin, stuff we do

Civ Wild did a Color Run. 5k, 20 thousand people in white looking for fun and color. Cornstarch powder in multiple colors being tossed around is quite entertaining.



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Man Formal

by on Oct.26, 2012, under adventure time, real neat lookin, stuff we like

Every man should wear a button down with a vest & shorts & checkered Vans at some point in their life!


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Fight or Flight

by on Oct.09, 2012, under Art, just awesome, real neat lookin


Alexander McQueen’s clutch is

but…If you stare too long, I’ll probably punch you in the eye!

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Bangles (not the band)

by on May.14, 2012, under real neat lookin

I absolutely LOVE this Ippolita ad!


It gets me all excited about summer and about wearing my favorite gold bangles in summer. I completely see how someone would say “it’s an unrealistic portrayal of what a woman’s bum should look like or that she’s obviously tanned and it’s bad for her skin, etc etc…) but that’s not what I’m here to discuss cause that’s boring.

I see the the awesomeness of a bright coral bikini combined with the beauty of a stack of shiny gold bangles on some summery tawny skin and imagine the salty air with a hint of a breeze.

The genius of bangles (and Ippolita bangles at that) is that they are a classic accessory, they’re ageless, they’re seasonless, they’re sophisticated, they’re global and they give off a little jingle. I say flaunt em if you’ve got em…

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