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Revenge well

by on Jan.07, 2013, under real neat lookin, stuff we do, stuff we like

The best revenge is living well…live well then I say.


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$hit kickers

by on Dec.13, 2012, under adventure time, products, stuff we do, stuff we like

Wearing boots that never step foot in dirt is like driving a 4×4 SUV in the city and never goes off road…just sayin…time to get dirty people


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lap it up

by on Nov.30, 2012, under just awesome, stuff we do, stuff we like, super serious time


How else we gonna look good in our gear?!
How else we suppose ta get our weekend on?!
How else we speed up recovery on Monday?!

Cheers! It’s Fridaaaay!!!

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Dirty Mouth

by on Nov.19, 2012, under stuff we do, stuff we like

Here at Civ Wild, we use expletives. All of them. Some people don’t appreciate the enhancement that foul language can bring to a statement…look, here’s evidence that we’ll TRY and clean it up some. No f’n promises tho ;)


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I’m Trunk!

by on Nov.16, 2012, under just awesome, New Things, products, stuff we do, stuff we like

Trunk show for da girls this evening. Fun & a success! Thanks ladies, hope you wear it all in love and happiness.


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Color Run

by on Nov.03, 2012, under adventure time, just awesome, New Things, real neat lookin, stuff we do

Civ Wild did a Color Run. 5k, 20 thousand people in white looking for fun and color. Cornstarch powder in multiple colors being tossed around is quite entertaining.



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by on Oct.31, 2012, under adventure time, Dance Party Wednesday!, people we like, stuff we do

Happy Halloween a la DeadMau5
We love us some EDM (electronic dance music-for those not in the know know)!
Party people wear your most machoey and barely there costumes and get yer swerve on this ghoul’s nite!
Waah Ahh Aaaa


…or take your kids out for good clean sugary fun!


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Winding road

by on Sep.29, 2012, under stuff we do

Desert road in southern cali


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by on May.27, 2012, under new gear, stuff we do

I’ve been spotting a new trend: The bleached out denim look. I believe it found its foothold in the mid to late 80s (yes I am old enough to clearly remember it) and it’s back again…

Now, we could offer them to you on our site for a pretty penny OR I can share my lil’ DIY project that I’m in the midst of myself!

You will need some “Jorts” (jean shorts) or a pair of jeans that your over and think you can breathe some new life into by cutting the legs off. Your choice.
Rubber gloves (unless you like chemical burns-again your choice)
A rag or spray bottle
Sink or tub to do project in

Now put on the gloves, soak the rag with bleach and wring the rag out over the said “Jorts”. Or use spray bottle and spray Jorts.
Do as much or as little of this as you like.
Lay out to dry
Wash (with white stuff! Duh it’s bleach)
Wear your new radical 80s Jorts to a Memorial Day BBQ

Don’t say I never taught you anything


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