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Thanks to all who supported Civilized Wildlife yesterday. Your positive feedback means a lot to us and we look forward to bringing you more quality LA made lines and other fun lines that capture civilized wildlife spirit!
much love


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My mom managed her way onto the interweb to see what a blog is. So she had a look see and then called to share her opinion:
It’s good
You’re funny
I’m still confused about what a blog is
and (my favorite)
You made some grammatical errors

So good people of the interweb, does grammar totally matter when blogging?

My stance is that it doesn’t. When I blog, I’m really creating a snapshot of my thinking brain. My thoughts aren’t grammatical and they’re not always PC. They come at me quick, they’re off beat sometimes and they’re mine and I will always strive to bring them to you as they come to me…thanks mom

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Monday morning

by on Feb.27, 2012, under stuff we do

I’m sitting here checking out Oscar pics…best/worst dressed, things they said, after party pics and peeling off my shellac polish (which has lasted just shy of 3 weeks!).

I know it’s bad to peel it off but I’ve already started and can not stop now, believe me I tried.

Anyhow, it’s an indulgent morning here and my favorite dresses where
Gwyneth’s simple white Tom Ford gown. less is SO much more!
Natalie’s fun red polka dot Dior gown
I also like Jessica’s black and copper castle worthy McQueen gown. I can imagine the damp cold castle now…


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Portal Into Creature Land a.k.a. Funniest Night Ever

by on Dec.14, 2010, under people we like, stuff we do, stuff we like

So…this night is one I will remember for my entire life. It was that unbelievably amazing. I guess I’ll start from the beginning (a very good place to start according to Fraulein Maria). As I told you, Krysta planned an amazing LA getaway and shopping adventure for my 30th birthday. She’s radical, I know. You should be jealous. Anyhow, the night before we wanted to go out for some dinner. We were planning to keep it mellow since we had to be up early, but decided we needed to be danced to sleep. Kinda like a lullaby. So we headed to the Rainbow Room.  And thank little baby Jesus, Mary, Joeseph, all the wise men and animals in the barn we did! What started off as an encounter with a rude ginger door man and a mediocre glass of house red quickly turned into the most magical, mystical night of death metal dancing debauchery ever. So now I’m gonna shut-up because the imagery from this night is way better than anything I could ever say. Here goes it…

oh, aren't we cute...we have no idea what's about to happen.

first came this guy. he kept trying to give Sarah drugs. he dropped some weed in her lap. is it possible to lace weed with roofies? because if it is...

then came this guy. we called him beetle juice. right? if beetle juice joined the village people? all his gear is custom made. i need one of those bracelets asap.

this, ladies and gents, is the creature that started it all. he is so magical and mystical that we couldn't even capture his true image. he was also exactly my size. which made me want to best friend him so that we could share clothes. i bet he has some awesome tees and really great levis. and maybe some elf shoes.

krysta almost had him. he is a very timid creature.

but then i had to ruin it with all my excitement and vampire skin. we didn't see him leave, but i suspect he turned to smoke and exited through the cracks in the floor boards. that's what i would do. wouldn't you?

and then we met john and he and i fell head over heels in metal rocking air guitar love at first sight. he also had the most amazing hair. sort of like a 5 year old girl bob with the ends curled under. i loved him regardless.

fist pumping. not the over the head techno beats jersey shore kind, but the underhand pretend your pulling a truck horn rock n roll kind.

supuer sicky air guitaring

more air guitaring. i busted out a squidward tribute air clairinet for a second, but it didn't really catch on.

it really was that funny

see. told you. hilarious.

if you happen to be dancing in a room with bars of any kind in them....

...horizontal or vertical ones... are obligated to do at least 10 minutes of your best 'if i were a stripper' moves. it's the law of dancing.

bustin' moves. she has no idea that in 2 seconds she is going to get motor boated by a very brazen leather jacket wearing euro-man.

there he is. the euro motor boater. in his defense sarah's boobies were looking pretty good that night. can't say i wouldn't have given her one had he not beaten me to the punch.

john and i (seriously looking like a vampire after a fresh kill) took this little nugget and then we had to go before the night lost it's magic and everyone turned into mice or pumpkins or something.

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by on Oct.25, 2010, under new gear, stuff we do

It’s Monday, which just happens to be my favorite day of the week. Weird, I know. Usually I work most weekends, but now that wedding season is winding down (I’m a florist, check out my boss lady’s awesome work at my brain stores up so many ideas that by Monday morning it’s ready to explode! I just can’t wait to get into the sweat shop and get shit done. Anyhow, back to the point. The only thing I don’t like about Monday is getting dressed. Again, weird, I know. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting dressed to go fun places and do things, but it’s the everyday clothes wearing that gets me. I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, but that’s starting to get old. Plus, taking time in the morning trying to pick out “the” t-shirt and jeans that I will don for the day seems like a waste. So, I’ve been thinking about making myself an everyday uniform. Something simple and versatile that allows me to look put together without using too much brain power. Something sort of like what I used to wear to Catholic school, only more grown up. But not in a skanky, I’m about to shoot a porn or bust into a pop song and dance routine kind of way.

this is pretty much what my school uniform looked like back in the day (the plaid jumper one)

I wonder if wearing a uniform will make me more productive and creative, you know, since I won’t have to think about what to wear and all. People in uniform do look pretty official and in charge of things, don’t they?

Now these ladies look like they're getting shit done! You can't fly planes in a t-shirt and jeans.

Or maybe I’ll obtain some strange super power. I’m hoping for the one where I can get out of the house in under 30 minutes and I’m never late to anything. Now that’d be super.

I bet she's never late to anything. And she gets to wear super radical gold cuffs. My uniform will definitely be having accessories.

Here’s one uniform I never want to wear.

They don't look like they're in charge of much, but I'm pretty sure they're about to get something done...and orange is totally in for next spring, so...

I’ll let you know when I come up with the perfect uniform. It’s probably gonna go a little something like this…

The Elisa Legging

The Patti Sleeveless Button-Up in grey

or The Vintage Silk Short Sleeve Button Up

and for layering in the cold months The Rothy Sweater

and The Sienna Jacket (which I already have and love)

Oh yeah, I’m gonna need a couple of The Silver Punching Rings

A Copper Picture Holder Necklace, and a Large Ammonite Fossil Necklace to accessorize! Ok, Maybe this uniform thing isn’t as thoughtless as I had planned (I still need a bag and some shoes), but it sure does look better than a t-shirt and jeans!

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i’m over the rain!

by on Oct.21, 2010, under people we like, stuff we do

So, I know I’m not suppossed to complain about weather since I live in San Diego, but I’m going to anyways.  Typical weather for this time of year has most San Diegans worried about wildfires but not this week-it won’t stop raining and raining and raining.  Way better than having fires, don’t get me wrong, but I’m starting to get depressed so I thought I’d blog about it.  Sorry for the boring-ness, please don’t kill yourself.

i wouldn't care if we were in paris

i should have at least done this, but i didn't

i really like horses though, even ones that are in the rain

this guy is famous, in the rain

at least it rains on johnny depp too-he probably likes it

now get me some sunshine!

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SF Art Party

by on Oct.18, 2010, under Art, people we like, stuff we do, stuff we like

Buddies, Pals, Friends…if you’re in the San Fransisco area and you like art, surfboards, and throwing chakkas with radical dudes with weird names…. then get over to John Colins on Thursday night for the Chemistry Collective art party. For more information on the Chemistry Collective, visit

p.s. look for the scantily clad ladies…those ones were painted by yours truly!

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bill murray, spencer tiscareno and mischa barton?

by on Sep.30, 2010, under people we like, stuff we do

ok- I know it sounds weird, but all of those people were associated with a pretty interesting art party we attended in l.a. recently.
It goes a little something like this (follow along, it’s a story…..with pictures).
{Please excuse the quality of these photos, I’m going to blame it on the camera but it’s probably my fault.}

Our good friend, Spencer Tiscareno was invited to participate in an art show entitled “Mr. Bill Murray.” There were about a million other artists involved and everything was bill murray-ish. There were also a million people in attendance and it was real hot inside, we were sweating and miki sweats a lot.

here are the million people

this girl was wearing a fur hat in the 100 degree art party

this was miki’s fave: “catch and release” by mariah montgomery

because there were so many people, we could only see this large painting from afar.

…..and this is what we found up close. I don’t think it’s representative of the real Mr. Murray though.

hands down, best in the show- this is Spencer’s Bill Murray.

Who knew there were a crew of people who dressed up as Ghostbusters (complete with the gun pack things) and drove in the ghostbusters car? There was even a girl ghostbuster in their group which we thought was lame b/c there weren’t any girls in dresses that we could recall doing any ghostbusting in the movies.

After the sweaty art party, we stood around in the street looking at the ghostbuster folks and trying to find a liquor store. To our surprise, Mischa Barton bumped into the back of miki…..she (miki), of course didn’t notice. But Erin and I knew it was her-she looked really good by the way-real cute and quite slim. So we had a little starstruck moment and forgot about it…..until about a half hour later when Mischa Barton started walking straight toward us with her crew of friends that all looked strangley like Gene Simmon’s son.

this my attempt at taking a photo of the back of mischa barton, i swear it’s her.

That’s when it all went to hell and Drunk Sarah started calling out her name, “mischa barton……….mischa barton……….i like your dress mischa barton.” Thankfully MB was cool, shook Drunk Sarah’s hand after DS stuck it out directly in front of her and she really had no choice.  She was nice-could have talked to Sarah for a bit longer though; she’s funny when she’s drunk.

the best artist ever: spencer tiscareno and sarah. I don’t know why they look so serious and surprised.

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